Western Youth Mp, Mpaka Sues Mtn Over Failure to Protect Customer Information


Western Youth Mp, Mpaka Sues Mtn Over Failure to Protect Customer Information

Hon Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama, the Western Youth Member of Parliament has sued MTN, one of the leading telecommunication companies in Uganda, for failure to protect its customers.

MP Mpaka is one of the 8 MPs, which recently fell prey to hacking as fraudsters duplicated their MTN sim cards and started siphoning off money from unsuspecting close friends of the MPs.

For starters, a fraudster would register for a new simcard using telephone numbers of the MPs and would access all contacts & whatsap chats of the MPs.  It’s suspected that the fraudsters were conniving with insiders within MTN because this software for hacking & accessing all contacts, messages and chats may not be readily accessible to the masses.

Mpaka while speaking to our reporter on a telephone interview wonders why MTN has not been in position to protect its customers from fraud.

After registration, the fraudster would go ahead to solicit for money from those contacts of the MPs. In order to do hide and seek, the fraudster would provide Airtel contacts where money can be deposited.

Some would fall into that trap & send money to the fraudster & this has greatly tarnished the reputation of MPs, who have resolved to sue MTN & push this matter to its logical conclusion

The fraudster has been sending using the MPs telephone number.

Right Now I’m in the meeting I will chart with you later, Mbabazi Lillian Meanwhile help me and get for me where there is Airtel money and you deposit for me 980,000 On 0705367122, It is in the names of , I Will refund you later if you don’t have borrow for me because it is urgent thanks.

According to Hon. Mpaka If MPs MTN simcards can be duplicated & systems hacked into, what about the common man.

HE BLAMES Government for also failing to protect its citizens if they can’t provide with Uganda communications commission machine that can track the hackers.

He urged the people that were affected by hackers using his simcard to be calm as he is looking forward to refund them but asked them to be vigilant as this may happen to them.


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