UNBS Closes Sunshare factory over Standards compliance


The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has closed factory premises of Sunshare Investment Limited in Mukono until further notice, as a consumer protection measure, over failure to comply with standards in its production processes.

Sunshare Investments produces the Lucky brand of juices including mango, pineapple and orange flavours.

Laboratory analysis carried out by UNBS on product samples submitted for testing indicated high level of Free Chlorine in the product contrary to the requirements of the Standard (US 47: 2011) for juices and other non-carbonated drinks.

According to the standard, juices and non-carbonated drinks should be free from chlorine because of its adverse effects on human health. Chlorine reacts with water to form acids which are poisonous to human body once consumed.

Chlorine is an active ingredient used in disinfectants such as JIK to sterilise water and kill bacteria and other micro-organisms. However, high levels of chlorine results in production of toxic substances that may lead to damage of internal body organs.

The premises of Sunshare factory shall remain closed until when the company directors have demonstrated that they have put corrective measures in place to ensure that such contamination does happen in future.


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