UJA President Kazibwe Bashir attacks President Museveni on violating journalists rights


The President of Uganda Journalist Association Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira and his Executive have been sworn in today at the National Theartre by the Association’s Lawyer Luyimbaazi Nalukoola.

Kazibwe Bashir in his speech urged government to desist from threatening the media houses with closure after running stories that are right, though against government.

Kazibwe also demanded to know from President Museveni whether he takes pride in seeing journalists being tortured by the military, and reminded him to reflect on the fundamental change that he talked about on the 29th/January/1986 while taking on office.

He however urged journalists to operate in a free society and not to lose morale no matter the working environment, because a lot of empty promises have been made to the forth estate by government.


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