Strange News: 13-year old Boy Gets USB Cable Stuck in Penis

Pic shows: The charging cable in the boy's urethra

Whoever authored the proverb; “Curiosity killed the cat“ did not lie. A boy aged 13 years in China  is nursing wounds after a USB cable  got stuck in his penis, as he tried to  insert it there out of curiosity.

The young man whose name is not mentioned got into trouble after he pushed in  the 20 centimetre cable, and later realised it was not easy puling it out.

With parental love that never ceases, the parents rushed him to a hospital in China’s north-east Province where doctors had to smear lubricants around his penis in order to be able to remove the cable.

However, this knowledge could not save the boy, and only left him in great pain. He was then transferred to a children’s hospital where doctors had to cut one end off the cable, and eventually got him operated.

Picture showing the cable stuck inside the genital.Photocredit:Metro UK

    Speaking after the operation, the boy revealed that he did so because he was curious about his genitals.


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