Rwampara Locals Launch Self Compliance on Wetlands Restoration


Rwampara Locals Launch Self Compliance on Wetlands Restoration

Following the presidential directive and also the existing laws of restoration and conserving of degraded wetlands by the abusers, the residents of Bugamba sub county in Rwampara county Mbarara district
have launched self compliance program of restoring all degraded wetlands by working on self help system before they are caught up by the law.

Addressing local residents of Rwemisha cell in Rweibogo parish Bugamba sub county  Rwampara county the Sub County Chief Bugamba Mr. Christopher Murokozi in Rwemisha wetland stretch of over  four kilometers thanked them for their participation and really being part
of government in restoring the degraded wetland by cutting all illegal
developments to revitalize the natural ecosystem.

Murokozi warned all defiant community members who may be tempted to come back and remove what the community has provided to block the drainage that had caused the wetland to dry that as government with support from the community are ready for them.

He said such defiant people will be treated as criminals and will be arrested and charged accordingly before courts of law with no caring who is who, but what government and the people want is to make sure the wetland of Rwemisha and any other are reclaimed which must be

He called upon all the people in Bugamba who have illegal crops and any activity in any wetland to start removing their property before the exercise reaches them but to find everything is cleared and
appreciated just.

He appealed to development partners and government whoever is willing to provide support to do so in time to ensure all degraded wetlands are restored for the good of the people of today and in future.

The Chairperson LC3 Bugamba sub county,  Richard Nomanyota Athanked the residents of Rwemisha cell for the commendable work done and urged the people in the neighboring sub counties of Mwizi and Ndaija  to do similar activity to save  and protect destruction of wetlands for people to easily access good water all the time and benefit from resources in wetlands.

He said the next exercise will be done in the parish of Kibingo, then Ngugo, Kabarama and Kamomo but advising all those involved in misusing the wetlands to depart as early as possible before their intervention.

The Chairperson LC1 Rwemisha Mr. Joseph Bamanya and the parish Chief Rwibogo Mr. Steven Kamugisha  commanded the operation with police support and local residents guided by the sub county leadership.


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