Rukiga Voters Threaten to Join FDC Over Failure to re-appoint Minister Kabafunzaki


Rukiga Voters Threaten to Join FDC Over Failure to re-appoint Minister Kabafunzaki

A section of NRM supporters from Rukiga district have threatened to join opposition if president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni fails to re-appoint there County MP Hon.Herbert Kabafunzaki to the ministerial position.

This was revealed during the peaceful demonstration held today in all sub counties and town councils  within the Rukiga district as one of expressing their dissatisfaction about the NRM government.

The demonstration led by a section NRM supporters with placards written on words like “President Yoweri Museveni restore our hopes….”, “President Museveni we want our minister back Kabafunzaki……”, “Respect Article 21…”beefed security and started their demonstration in kashambya sub county later spread in other sub counties and town councils demanding president Yoweri Museveni to fulfill his pledges and consider the re-appointment of their area county MP Hon. Herbert Kabafunzaki to any ministerial position since they uprooted FDC from there district.

Bitariho Jackson Kigiko one the NRM supporters from Kashambya Sub county expressed his concern that in the 2016 general elections, they voted in NRM leaders unlike before when the FDC under Hon. Jack sabiiti was dominating the political platforms of Rukiga and threatened to join opposition again anything is not done.

Gloria Asiimwe another concerned supporter of NRM requested President Yoweri Museveni who is the party chairperson to schedule a program of meeting them so as to discuss issues affecting Rukiga district.


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