President Museveni Promises to fire Incompetent NAADS officials

Giving his speech on Wednesday 5th December in Kigarama sub county sheema district  at  thanksgiving ceremony of Hon kibaaju Naome jubilating the victory of recent Sheema north elections , President Museveni vowed to chase NAADS officers accusing them against poor service delivery.
Museveni said that he has heard various complaints against NAADS officers from many different people but that he has been quite. He said that he will research about them and if he finds that its true they delay services to people, he will start with top officials and he recruits young energetic.
all these came after Canon David Kabigumira, the  chairman LC V Sheema district reported to him that NAADS officers every season  bring seeds to farmers when the season for planting is already gone [in dry season] and that for Sheema NAADS it hasnot helped them.
on tyhe same ceremony Museveni thanked sheema people for voting NRM and that they arenot like Buhweju people who voted Hon Mwijukye Francis whom he said that he went in parliament only to fight NRM and to make noise.He said that Buhweju is now having one MP  [hon jova kamateeka] saying tha Mwijukye cant reach where they share services from.
Hon Kibaaju Naome thanked voters for voting her and she asked president to put assistance to Kigarama financial SACCOS whom she said that they are helping behind people to get loans and others
Museveni attended this function because he was fulfilling his pledge he made during recent Sheema north general elections when he promised that if Kibaaju wins elections , he will come back to celebrate with them the victory.


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