Parliament Passes Ambitious ugx 32.4Trillion budget


Parliament Passes Ambitious ugx 32.4 Trillion  budget 

Parliament has finally approved and passed the budget for the financial year 2018/19 worth 32.4 billion shillings.

The passed budget includes the Recurrent Expenditure of 9.4 trillion shillings, Development Expenditure of 13 trillion shillings and statutory expenditure of 10 trillion shillings.

Parliament also passed the Appropriation Bill, 2018, authorizing the public expenditure from the consolidated fund worth 22 trillion shillings as the government prepares to read the national budget on 7th June


Works and Transport 4.7 Trillion shillings,

Energy and Mineral Development 2.4 Trillion shillings

Education 3.1 Trillion shillings

Interest Payments / -Treasury Operations 8.6 Trillion shillings

Security 2.1trillion shilling,

Health 2.3 Trillion shillings,

Justice and constitutional Affairs 1.4 Trillion shillings ,

Public Sector Management 1.8 Trillion shillings

Water and Environment 1.2 Trillion shillings

Agriculture 914.7 billion shillings,

Public Administration 616.53bn

Legislature 459.6 billion shillings

Lands, Housing and Urban Development   222.3 billion shillings

Gender, labour and Social Development 209.3 billion shillings

ICT & National Guidance 181.07 bn,

 Trade and Industry 158.2 bn

 Science and Technology 209.3 billion shillings


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