New Mobile Money Tax Hits Hard In Kasese


New 1% tax on mobile money has forced a number of  mobile money shops in Kasese town to close.

Our  reporter visited Kasese town and was welcomed the padlocks  on mobile money containers, while those still working have fewer customers.

Kimanywenda Moreen,  a mobile money agent says that the taxes  have reduced on the number of customers she used to get. She reveals that in a day, she would get between 20-30 customers, but now she hardly gets more than one.

Jockim Baluku, another mobile money agent says the taxes are too many, and if not regulated will affect the business environment in Uganda. He blames members of parliament for failure to legislate about this tax to the interest of the common person.

Our reporter then spoke to the leader of  Opposition in Parliament and alsoKasese district woman Member of Parliament, Winfred kiiza, who says mobile money and social media taxes are  going to affect the common person because many people in the government  don’t use mobile money.

Kiiza says  the taxes are targeting the common person, who after all will not realize the benefit of his taxes in terms of  getting better services.

She also faults government for imposing 200 OTT tax on social media, saying it is meant to limit freedom of speech, adding that this will affect majority youths who are the biggest percentage on social media.


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