New Ethiopia Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Survives Death, As Explosion Hits His Rally


The New Ethiopian Prime Minister, Ahmed Abiy has survived death, after a grenade was thrown at his rally, in Addis Ababa’s Meskel square.

The Prime minister says several people have been killed, adding that the unsuccessful attempt was by forces that donot want Ethiopia to have Unity. The prime minister is said to have been rushed away from the place immediately after the explosion.

Abiy ascended to the position of Ethiopia’s prime minister, after years of violent Protests by the Oromo people, which culminated into the resignation of Haille Mariam Desalegn in february this year.

For centuries, the Ethiopian politics had been dominated by the minority Amharic ethnic group, something that other tribes, especially the largest one, the Oromo where Abiy comers from.Following the resignation of Desalign, Abiy, an Oromo was chosen as the new prime minister, to try and diffuse the divides based of tribal maginalisations, making his the first Oromo prime minister in the history of that North African country.

Since ascending the throne, Abiy has initiated a number of measures aimed at relaxing the tensions in the country. These include; the release of the political prisoners,including Bekele Gerba, the president of the Oromo federalist Congress(OFC), and six others who had been incarcelated by the past regime.

The youthful 42-year old Abiy is thought to have huge support from youths both from Oromo and other tribes.



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