Mbarara: Parents asked to stay near their children as schools close today


As schools across the country begin the end of year long holiday today, parents have been advised to stay close to their children.

The third term which ends the academic year has come to an end today. In Mbarara, there is a big number of passengers, mostly parents and children returning home from school.

Speaking to Mbarara Sun reporter, Laban Kanywa, the director Global High school, who is also the chairperson of directors Private schools in western Uganda, says parents need to ask students what they have been doing at school, adding that they should also keep them engaged.

It comes at a time parliament’s select committee is investigating acts of sexual harassement in schools. However, in a rare revelation, the committee’s preliminary investigations indicate that some girls fear to go back home during holidays due to fear of being defiled by their fathers.

According to the chairperson of the select committee Robina Rwakoojo some girls whom the members of the committee have interracted with revealed to them that their fathers, teachers and head teachers defile them and some have developed the fear of going back home during holidays or going to school.

She also noted that parents’ failure to talk to their children about the likelihood of being sexually abused by the relatives and other people in the communities has also contributed to the vice.

The first term of the next academic year begins on 4th/February 2019.


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