Mbarara: KCB bank in blood donation drive


KCB workers and customers in Mbarara have today donated blood at KCB bank Mbarara branch premises.

Adolf Sabiiti the branch manager told Crooze fm that as a bank they to engage in blood donation to address the crisis of blood shortage in hospitals and the need to help fellow Ugandans in need of blood. a total of around 100 blood units of safe are expected by the end of the exercise. 

In January this year, Uganda was hit with a blood shortage crisis. The health ministry’s blood bank facility in the capital, Kampala which stores and distributes supplies to hospitals, was practically empty.

It had just 150 units of blood remaining, not enough to meet requirements on an average day in the city.

Nationally, Uganda needs at least 340,000 units of safe blood annually, but usually only collects 200,000 a year.


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