Mbarara: Farmers urged to embrace commercial and modern agricultural practice to obtain more profits


Farmers in Mbarara municipality have been advised to embrace modern farming practices which will help them enhance profits in farming.

Moses Amanyire the municipality senior veterinary officer was on Monday addressing farmers under Farmers voice network a chicken distribution function at Kakoba division headquarters in Mbarara municipality, where he advised the farmers to always be creative.

Dr.Amanyire told the farmers not always complain about the low prices of their products but add value in their products so as to get bigger prices.  Milk products such as yoghurt, ghee, cheese yield bigger prices than milk he added. 

In addition he also urged farmers give their animals appropriate feeds. According to him a number of farmers give their many farmers give their animals a lot of feeds but which are substandard leading to low production. 

He concluded by advising farmers to always prevents their animals from diseases through periodic vaccination because in most cases treatment is difficult in animals like chicken.



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