Mbarara DPC warns police against working with crime


The new District police commander Mbarara district superintendent of police Gad Murungi has today warned police against dealing with crime preventers.

In an interview with  Mbarara Sun reporter at Mbarara central police station yesterday,  SP Gad Murungi said that crime preventers are no longer working with police but are attached to the UPDF reserve force.

 Recently police received official communication from the director of operations emphasizing that crime preventers are not supposed to work with police and police is neither supposed to arm them nor give them uniform.  

All the Ocs in the district were availed with copies of the communication circular and warned that operating with crime preventers in any activities to do with effecting arrest is unlawful.

 He however noted that as members of society and Ugandan citizens they still have the right to approach police and give information or intelligence about any unlawful activity or crime taking place.


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