Mbarara district probation office stranded with a dumb child


Mbarara district probation office at Kamukuzi district headquarters is stranded with a dumb  boy of about 6 to 8 years of age .

Devine Grace John Mark a resident of Bwenkoma told Mbarara Sun reporter, that yesterday on his way from work at around 10:00am, he  found the boy abandoned a long Mbarara bypass near the bridge towards kabala road. Due to his appearance Devine felt there could some abnormal about him and on reaching he found out the boy could not speak he adds. 

 Devine decided take the child along with him to Mbarara central police station where he was referred to the district probation office because it is in charge for such case.

Tumwiine Steven the district senior probation officer confirmed the incident and told our reporter that since the child cannot speak they have not yet got any information related to where the child comes from, his parents and the like.

He called upon the public who ever knows the child , his relatives to contact the district office and police.


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