Lack of Abbatoir Angers Bushenyi Butchers


Butchers in central division Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality have threatened to lay down their tools in protest if they are not granted their own abattoir.

The butchers through their chairman,  Mr. Godfrey Kasiribano demand the municipal authorities to grant them permission to slaughter their animals from their abattoir located in Bushenyi town central division.
The butchers who were ordered to slaughter their animals from Nyakabirizi abattoir noted that they are often mistreated by their fellows from Nyakabirizi division who deny them services like water.

They added that transportation of animals is also difficult and costly.

However the Bushenyi Deputy RDC Damiano Turyatunga who presided over a stakeholders’ meeting of Municipal and Butchers held at Bushenyi Ishaka Municipal council hall, resolved that Butchers from Central division must slaughter their animals from Nyakabirizi for one week as the authorities are working on their issue.

Turyatunga also noted that no one will be allowed to slaughter from other places thereby warning all those who can’t go to Nyakabirizi to leave the business.

Tushabe Gregory,  the Bushenyi deputy District Health Officer expressed his concern on the hygiene of slaughter places noting that it is dangerous to people’s lives.

He thus urged the butchers to willingly accept to use Nyakabirizi since it is the only standard abattoir in the Municipality. He noted that it should be every one’s concern to protect people’s lives.

The authorities also tour all slaughtering places in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality which were in very poor conditions.


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