Kigali: Court sets free Kagame Critic, Diane Rwigara


A high court in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali has dropped charges against President Kagame’s critic, Diane Rwigara.

She had been facing charges of planning an insurrection and forgery, which is against the laws of Rwanda. Justice Xhavier Ndahayo, who read the judgement on behalf of the panel f the three judges said, ‘Court rules that Diane Rwigara is innocent’ 

The court has also acquitted Adeline Rwigara, Diane Rwigara’s mother who had been accused alongside her, on the same charges.

Rwigara, her mother and a sister were arrested in september 2017 on allegations that they evaded taxes, and were planning an insurrection, in a country that is still healing from the memories of the 1994 genocide, in which about 800,000 people, mostly tutsi were killed.

It should be remembered that Rwigara, a women rights activist, tried to run against President Paul Kagame last year. Critics of Kagame say the charges are politically motivated.



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