Kasese Fruit Farmers Sensitized on Better Farming


Kasese Fruit Farmers Sensitized on Better Farming

Over 50 Farmers in Kasese district have been challenged to practice better methods of planting mango trees in order to realise better yields out of them.

This echoed by  the mayor,  Kasese municipality his worship Godfrey Kabyanga  yesterday at a one day training at Verina gardens  in  Kasese municipality.

In his clarifications,  he appealed to  the farmers to put more effort in their plantations adding that it is the best business that one can expect appropriate income in.

He advised the farmers to be aware that where the sun hits is where flowerings are so they should ensure that there is enough spacing for the trees to access sunlight.

Mayor further explained that some farmers grow mangoes which are of poor quality which lead to poor yields urging that they are going to supply different varieties of mangoes and with good managerial skills.

He assured the farmers that they are going to Lobby for markets  which will make the beneficiaries reap  from their produces.

Godfrey however  criticized  the agricultural officers for being reluctant in their offices advising them to move in field trips and sensitize farmers about the benefits of mango fruits.

He asked the government to provide enough mango trees to the farmers  in order to expand farming in Kasese district.

Julius Baluku,  the District Agricultural officer also appealed the farmers to make an organization in order to claim funds from the government programs like operation wealth creation which will help them in quick boosting of their businesses.


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