Kamwenge Woman MP urges public to protect environment


Kamwenge Woman MP urges public to protect environment

Woman Member of Parliament for Kamwenge district  Dorothy Nshaija Kabarisya has called for all parties and citizens of Uganda to get together to fulfill the responsibility to protect the environment for
the well-being of all beings including humans. “Nobody can neglect the timely responsibility to protect the environment”

Kabarisya pointed out that in some districts in years to come; people will have to carry oxygen containers because their environment is polluted. Member of Parliament made these remarks while addressing press Christians of Ntuntu archdeaconry in Kitagwenda county Kamwenge district.

She said that there is a need to educate the public about environment protection in the district such that people can be aware of the quality of environment.

“Quality of environment determines our health and wealth” Dorothy added Kabarisya said over 90% of people derive their livelihood directly from environment resources, 80% depends on agriculture and 95% of the
energy used in Uganda is wood-biomass-based meaning that environment concerns like deforestation, water pollution, waste management, biodiversity loss, wetland and land degradation must as a matter of
priority, be addressed in Kamwenge district and Uganda as well.

“Let us modernize agriculture and eradicate poverty” she advised


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