Kamwenge Clergy urged to work with government


Kamwenge Clergy urged to work with government

The chairperson LCV Kamwenge district Mr. Aggrey Natuhamya has urged the clergy to work hand in hand with the government of Uganda in order to have people with new hearts.

Natuhamya said this during his communication to the Christians of St. Stephen’s cathedral during the ordination service which was led by Rt. Rev. George K Turyasingura the Bishop of East Ruwenzori diocese.
He said that clergy and other religious leaders knows the way of preparing their believers and asked them that in so doing, should at least help such that those people become patriotic to their

“Teach them to love their leaders from LCI to president, respecting other human beings since we are all equal before God” he said Natuhamya said that religious leaders should not focus on spiritual change but also behavior change such that people can reduce on the limit of shedding innocent blood in the country, kidnapping and other evil things.

He added that if religious leaders work together with government, it will be easy for government to deliver to its people while church or mosque will also develop quickly.

“You have been teaching people to love God, also teach them to love their government and its people” he narrated Natuhamya says that if church doesn’t promote unity by preaching people to live in harmony, it will be difficult for government to lead them.


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