Kamwenge: Chinese Embassy donates 220 million vehicle to Nkoma-Kataryeba town council


The Chinese ambassador to Uganda His Excellency Zheng Zhungiang has today afternoon donated a garbage collection vehicle worth Shs 220 million to Nkoma-Kataryeba town council in Kamwenge district.

According to the ambassador of the people of China His Excellency Zheng, said that he was approached by the minister of information and National guidance for the people of Uganda Hon. Frank Tumwebaze and their relationship have enabled them to donate the garbage collection vehicle Reg. No, UBD 508X to the people of Nkoma-Kataryeba town council to help them keep the town clean.

He added that when the minister submitted his request, he lobbied from the Chinese government and they donated a garbage collection vehicle such that people can live in a clean environment.

Zheng explained that the China-Uganda relation has built a strong bondage which has enabled the Chinese government to support Uganda as they strengthen efforts in key infrastructure, industrialization, development and fighting poverty.

Talking to the gathering, the minister for information and national guidance who is also the Member of Parliament for Kibale East County in Kamwenge district Hon. Frank Tumwebaze said that since Nkoma-Kataryeba town council started, has many challenges but garbage
collection vehicle was needed on immediate.

“People of Nkoma-Kataryeba you are so lucky when I was the minister of Kampala, we had only three garbage vehicles and if the capital city has only three, you should be more happier to have shared on the national cake” Minister explained

Tumwebaze said that the government of the people of China through their ambassador to Uganda His Excellency Zheng Zhungiang donated a garbage vehicle which will help the new town council in removing all the garbage in town and other towns around.

He said that the Shs 220 million vehicles is been accompanied by five pieces of oil filters, five pieces of fuel filters, five pieces of water separators, forty pieces of air cleaners, six spare tyres and two years service warrant.

“I wrote to many friends whom I may not disclose but the ambassador of China has become a human being to me and donated this vehicle to the people of Nkoma-Kataryeba town council,” he said

Tumwebaze hailed the ministry of finance and the minister Matia Kasaija for the tax exemption on the vehicle saying that if they were to pay taxes, the garbage vehicle would have been valued for much more money than the current purchase amount.

The woman Member of Parliament for Kamwenge district Mrs Dorothy Nshaija Kabaristya hailed the ambassador of China to Uganda for leaving his work and office in Kampala to visit and donate a big garbage vehicle to people of Nkoma Kataryeba town council.

Nshaija added that since Uganda has a good relationship with the government of the people of China, Uganda is developing at a high speed citing the Entebbe express, Northern bypass, Kampala high way, Western bypass and other infrastructure development even though Uganda pays the loan back at later time.

The legislator prayed for the strong and continued bondage of China and Uganda such that development can continue growing and again requested the ambassador of the people of China to Uganda His Excellency Zueng Zhungiang to lobby for more two cultivating tractors for the Nkoma-Kataryeba town council such that people can always high them to increase the production.

Representing the chairperson LCV, Mr Ashaba Peter who is the vice chairperson of Kamwenge district local government hailed the minister of information and national guidance for being unique from other ministers and minding about people in service delivery and asked him to continue lobbying for them tirelessly.

The chairperson for Nkoma-Kataryeba town council Mr Ivan Namara Kunihira said that since the town council started in 2017, they have been hiring vehicles to collect garbage and in one month, they have been collecting 5 tonnes of garbage from both the citizens of Uganda and Rwamwanja settlement camp.


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