Kabarole CAO, Toughens On Environment


Kabarole CAO, Toughens On Environment

By Rurekyera Geofrey

Kabarole Chief Administrative Officer Dunstan Balaba has observed the need for leaders to team up and take serious action against wetland and forest encroachers for the good of the next generation.

He says many wetlands and forests are being encroached on to establish farms and buildings.

This, according to Balaba has led to reduction of water table leading to the dry spell.

Speaking during the top management meeting at the district headquarters, Balaba said the fight against wetland and forest encroachment requires efforts of leaders at all levels or else the future generation is at risk of experiencing famine and diseases caused by drought or harsh climatic conditions.

Timothy Muhairwe, the forestry officer said the effects of environmental destruction can only be mitigated when well sustained and managed by the users advising people to plant more indigenous species of trees.


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