Kabale University Students Strike Over Fees Hike


Kabale University Students Strike Over Fees Hike

Over 100 private Medical students at  Kabale University have today held running battles with police as they stormed  the streets to the office  of the Resident District Commissioner  protesting against the Institution  of overcharging them
The students  were carrying placards reading:  ‘this is a public university reduce tuition enough is enough, say no to high tuition Kabale administration no, what kind of exploitation 3.669.000= tuition is too much, public university tuition Busitema 1.6m Mbarara university 1.5m, Makerere university 1.84m Gulu university 1.8m Kabale university 3.6m’

. The angry students matched from their campus located at Nyabikooni ward in Kabale municipality and jammed
Kabale town streets.

They allege that they are being exploited by the university as those on bachelor of medicine and surgery they pay 3.669.000 shillings as tuitions fees per semester unlike other public universities like Busitema university pays 1.6m Mbarara university 1.5million shillings, Makerere university 1.84m Gulu university 1.8m but for Kabale university they pay 3.6m as well those on bachelor of nursing are paying 2.8 million shillings

Crispus Nkoyoyo one of the  student says that as a public the money they are paying is too much as  they pay  2.669.000 as  tuition and 1.000.000=  functional fees is saying that  even though they pay much money the
standards   are sub standard as he says that they are to keep on the fight till the fees are reduced.

Leah Atwiine a 2nd year student of bachelor of medicine and surgery said that  at first the university administration had told then  that  they were t reduce on the money after government  take over being that the lecturers were to be paid by the government  but ever since it was taken over nothing has changed.

Daniel Massey says that the are being given sub standard services even though they pay lots of money even though government is paying the lecturers.

The Kabale Resident District Commissioner Darius Nandinda later met the striking students at the district head quarters and promised that he will tomorrow hold a meeting with the administrators of the university for solution.

Nandinda says that if it’s true the university has been charging all this amount its uncalled for as he thanked them for not using violent means to air pout their grievances

The Kabale  University Public Relations Officer Judith Atukunda  says that  she was yet to know  of the strike and he asked  this reporter to wait as she is to call back  but as we went press she was yet to reply.


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