Judiciary Staff grilled over selling ‘air’ to over 2000 displaced People in Gomba District


A Judiciary Staff working as Office Supervisor with the Anti-corruption Court, Stella Kakuba was quizzed before the Land Probe Commission yesterday over the illegal eviction of  over 2000 people from a 980 acre land stretching from Ddegeya to Kawungeezi Village in Maddu Subcounty- Gomba District.

Last month a Member of the Kiboga Twegatte Cooperative Soceity Julius Turyamureeba told the Commission Chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, that him and about   2500 people were first evicted  in 2009 from Luwunga Forest Reserve in Kiboga District by Government,  but were compensated 3 billion shs and bought alternative land from Kakuba Stella and her husband William Tumwine in Gomba District in 2014.

Kakuba arriving at the commission of inquiry headquarters, Wandegeya yesterday

However they faced many challenges in trying to resettle on the new land, when their Cooperative Chairman Ssendagire Huzairu connived with then RDC-Gomba Nayebare Fred and informed them that the land belonged to a Rwandese National Gahiigi Joseph.

As a result on 10/October/2017 they were forcefully evicted by over 600 Police Officers who were Commanded by Senior Police Officers Asuman Mugyenyi, and Asan Kasingye.

They then implored the Bamugemereire Commission to help them get back their Land from the said Couple.

In her defense Stella Kakuba whose name appears on the  land title of the none existent  land denied knowledge of the said transaction, saying its her husband who can explain better, since he always brought her land related documents to sign and she never bothered to first read them.

Her husband William Tumwine has been asked by the Commission to return tomorrow4th/October, prepared to bail out his wife because she risks facing criminal charges for receiving 1.6billion shs for land that cannot be found.


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