Judge warns Dr. Stella Nyanzi and her Lawyer over unbecoming behavior in Court


Buganda road court Magistrates Gladys Kamasanyu warns Dr. Stella Nyanzi and her Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde to tame their behaviour in Court, saying she  won’t allow utterances of certain words in her Court.

Ailing Dr. Nyanzi appeared again today in Court, and asked the Magistrate to order  Prison Authorities at Luzira,  to release her medical documents inorder to get post arbortion care in respect of a miscarriage she suffered recently.  

she said she needs to be seen by a private doctor whether or not Prison authorities  believe she lost her baby.  she also demands for all her antenatal records as  she is  not ready to lose her uterus as well.

However Dr. Stella Nyanzi  mantains she is not interested in bail, she must stay in jail until final hearing of the case but she needs to be healthy.

Its against this background that Magistrate Kamasanyu ruled that Dr. Stella Nyanzi cannot entertain an oral application yet the person she is accusing of concealing her documents, has a right to also be heard. 

She was then ordered to put her request in writing, something her Lawyer didnt buy.

This is when Ssemakadde attacked the Magistrate and accused her of being insenstive to her fellow woman and human rights at large which prompted the warning from Magistrate Kamasanyu.

This as she had appeared for mention of her criminal case in which she is accused of cyber Harrasment and offensive communication against the President and his late mother.

She returns to court on 17th/January/2019.


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