India: Bus driver fired for allowing Monkey ‘drive’ passengers


A bus driver in India has been sacked, after he let the monkey sit on the steering and drove his car.

The incident happened on Monday as the bus traveled to Davanagere. The sacking came after the video of the monkey comfortably sitting on the steering went viral on social media, forcing the bus company to swing into action.

Eye witnesses, who are among the more than 50 passengers who were in the bus say they entered the bus with the monkey, but it refused to sit anywhere else in the bus, other than the driver’s place.

According to the video, the driver identified as Prakash is seen comfortably unconcerned as to what happens to the passengers. Reports from there further say, the ‘driver monkey’ reached its destination and allowed the driver to continue.

The company of the bus interpreted this as negligence on the part of the driver, which is why it fired him.


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