Gov’t to lose its Njeru Live Stock Farm in the hands of Land grabbers


Ministry of Agriculture is set to lose 1066 acres of Land on which NJeru Live Stock Farm in Buikwe District is sitting, after Njeru Town Council further subleased the same to private developers, without the consent of the Ministry, under the National Animal Generic Resource Centre(NAGRIC)

The Executive Director NAGRIC, Doctor Charles Lagu who is in charge of the disputed land has appeared before the Land Probe Commission, and testified that even the family of the former County Chief of Kyaggwe Ham Mukasa, who initially leased the said land to the Protectorate Government in the 60s, which also leased it to Njeru Town Council, has threatened to reclaim its land, accusing the Council of breaching  the terms of the lease.

Dr Lagu says that without the consent of the family of Ham Mukasa, Njeru Town Council further subleased it to NAGRIC on 1st/August/1952, but before the lease expiry which is supposed to be in 1953, part of it was given to private developers and the rest is being claimed by people who say that, while the land was being surveyed theirs was also taken.  

Now Doctor Lagu has implored the Commission to intervene saying the Ministry has been deprived of using its land for live stock breeding, income from the ground rent that is supposed to be paid by the private developers, Agriculture Students who need it for  research, and employment through Animal Husbandry and modern urban farming.

The Commission Chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire then advised that he should consult the Attorney General and IGG to see to it that the Ministry gets an injunction from Court,  blocking any re-entry on the land, as the Commission also carries out its investigations.


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