Mbarara Magistrate court adjourns Besigye assault case


FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye,Ingrid Turinawe & Kato Fred have appeared before Mbarara grade 1 magistrate Sanyu Mukasa on cases of assaulting police officers in Mbarara town in November last year during party presidential campaigns as they campaigned for Amuriat.

Amuriat Oboi & Mubarrack Munyagwa have not apperared, and the case has been  adjourned to September 19th to ensure that all sides fully appear.

Government State Attorney,  Caroline Keshuubi assured court that both the complainants and  the witnesses were not summoned for today’s hearing but asked court to punish the accused absentees.

Accused’s lawyers are Lydia Ahimbisibwe and Elias Lukwago.

Due to the fact that state witnesses have not appeared because they were not summoned ,Elias Lukwago wanted the case verdict given not adjournment but the magistrate adjourned and vowed to summon Amuriat and Munyagwa who missed without notifying court.

Besigye speaking to media outside court said that 19th is his last day to appear if they still adjourn this case which is almost clocking a year in court.


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