Kiruhura Police arrests Human rights impositor


Kiruhura police have netted 37 year old man identified as Hebert Mugisha, a  resident of Bushenyi for having been masquerading as a detective, state attorney and Uganda Human rights commission officer.

Mugisha was arrested after defrauding 160,000 uganda shillings from a one Irene Atweyambe,  a resident of Mbarara who she pledged to intervene as a human rights officer to save her jailed husband.

However, during interrogations the man surprised officers that the complainant has grudges on him after using and dumped her.

Kiruhura district police headquarters is where 37 year old Mugisha has been detained on charges of extortion, fraud plus impersonating as a detective, state attorney and an officer from Uganda Human rights commission.

Mugisha’s arrest came on after two women from Kiruhura district lodged complaints that the suspect presented himself as a detective from Mbarara central police and an human rights officer threatening to reinstate the defilement and murder cases they were pursuing.

Theopista Twembi,  the western region officer in charge of UHRC who visited the suspect in jail was surprised to find the suspect is in possession of the identification card.

Police and the human rights commission have further threatened to extend an iron hand to duplicators of company identification cards in town.


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