Egyptian Govt Donates 4MW solar power Project to Uganda


The Egyptian govt has donated a 4MW Solar Power Project to Uganda in a bid to increase the country’s access to Renewable Energy Sources. 

In 2016, a bilateral agreement between Uganda and Egypt was signed followed by an MoU signing in May 2017 in which Egypt donated a grant worth 4MW of solar energy.

Now at implementation stage, the Egyptian engineers headed by Senior Eng. Mohammed A. Abdel Aziz, from the Ministry of Electric & Renewable Energy Authority in accompaniment of the Project Manager, Eng. Reda Shaban Ali, have inspected the terrain of the proposed site which they have found appropriate for the 4 MW solar plant.

According to the Commissioner Renewable Energy at Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development, Wilson Wafula, the project will be beneficial to the community, the country but most importantly to the University which will use it as a training spring board for students to graduate in renewable energy programs.



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