Mbarara ‘amahembe gente round about to be re-designed


As Mbarara town moves towards the city centre, municipal authorities have decided to change the face of the famous ‘amahembegente’ round about, which is symbolic ofAnkole.

Known as the land of milk and honey,Mbarara district has the major milk producer’s statue as you enter it.

This fast growing town in Western Uganda  has the best dairy cows, that make it the largest providers of milk in Uganda.

According to Edward Lwanga, the Mbarara town clerk, the refurbishished image ofamahembe gente round about will have excellent roads with lights, and a better image of the Ankole cow. He adds that there will be advertising boxes on top of the fountain.

     The town clerk says all this is aimed at beautifying Mbarara town.


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