Kigezi Highland Tea Factory struggles to operate due to lack of tea leaves


Kigezi Highland Tea Factory in Kitumba sub County in Kabale district is struggling to operate fully due to lack of enough tea leaves for processing.

According to the Operations Director of Kigezi Highland Tea Factory Jackson Twinamasiko, they are failing to work at full capacity because tea farmers are failing to raise enough tea leaves for processing.

Twinamasiko says that they currently receive about 10,000 to 15,000 kilograms of tea leaves every day instead of 40,000-45,000 kilograms for the company to work twenty four hours.

He says that due to lack of enough tea leaves, they are forced to operate during the day using only one or half shift instead of three shifts.

He however says that they are working with Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) and National Agricultural Advisory Services-NAADS to see that more tea is planted in the Kabale district and the neighbouring areas so as the factory operates fully.


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