How One Coin will change Western Uganda’s business, putting it at a global digital business level


By Aaron Ainomugisha

Cryptal currency is rapidly becoming an international model of business and investment where people invest in hidden money not hard cash or cash at hand,neither money on bank accounts and other financial institutions.

Here comes OneCoin,a business chain that empowers millions of people around Uganda,Africa and worldwide by providing global access to cross-border and low-cost financial transactions recorded in consistent and unbroken sequences backed up by governmental and individual associations which are stake holders of economic attitudes.

One coin was earlier invented in western countries in continents of Europe,Asia, South America and others but it has now almost colonized Africa where various countries have embraced it,Uganda inclusive with people buying coins that multiply the value each month.

In Western Uganda,One Coin centers have been established in Mbarara at former Nakumatt building, in Kabale town and more are opening soon in identified towns to have a business impression from a global view.

According to Mrs. Rehema Lwanga who is acting one coin coordinator for western Uganda,people should not be confused about one coin because it is a worldwide acceptable hidden currency,though it requires you sensitization first before you join and it’s affordable by everyone thus acting as a business bridge between the poor and the rich. “Everyone can invest in one coin, from the time of membership it doesn’t take you long time to become a beneficiary”, Rehema tells Mbarara Sun.



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