Ibanda:Residents Warned against eating unapproved meat as Rift valley fever hits the district


The Ibanda district deputy resident commissioner,  Mrs Mary Basongoka Kamaduka has warned against eating unapproved meat, as one way  to prevent Rift valley fever which has been reported in the district.

Basongoka who is also the chairperson of the committee for the task force to fight against the deadly lift valley fever in the area said that they registered one case in Kakunama II in Rugaaga parish Keihangara sub-county.

She said that after finding out that case while the patient was at Mbarara referral hospital, took blood samples from 40 cows and took them to Entebe research center, only blood of four cows had the disease.

Basongoka revealed that they have also registered another case from Kitagwenda and the victim is receiving medication at Ibanda hospital in Kagongo.

The task force has already trained health workers and veterinary officers on how to curb the disease by checking cows before slaughter and testing the meat before selling to consumers.

“No person is supposed to buy meat without stamp and who ever risks, the cost is on his life” Basongoka warned

She said that the task force has resolved to put a quarantine to the two farms where the animals were tested positive.

“No cows should be taken away from these farms and no one should bring in cows” She added

According to the committee chairperson, all animals must be checked on by veterinary officers a day before slaughtering and should be taken to slaughter slabs.

She asked all people neighboring Keihangara sub-county like those of Kikyenkye, Igorora and Bufunda division to be vigilant about the disease.


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