Government Intervenes to stabilize Fluctuating Maize Prices


Government to assist cooperatives and members from the grain council to buy 500,000 metric tonnes of maize from farmers as a way to deal with the fluctuating prices of maize in the country.

Last week the Butemba county mp Pentagon Kamusiime complained about the price about the low prices aof maize which had led to farmers to begin selling a kilo of maize at 200 shillings.

This afternoon through a joint statement the minister of agriculture Vicent Sempijja informed parliament that through the agriculture credit fund government is to give the grain council and some cooperatives 300 billion shillings to buy maize from farmers.

Sempijja however emphasized that this maize will only be bought from farmers at a price of 500 shillings per kilo.

However,  the mps were not satisfied and demanded to know when this will happen and how the farmers can sell their maize to farmers  which prompted the speaker to direct the minister of finance to come back next week.


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