Government Sustains Ban on Gagaa Bus’ Operations


The minister of works Ntege Auba has maintained the order by Transport licensing Board of suspending the Operation of buses belonging to Gaagaa for one month.

The United Bus Owners Association (UBOA) had said it will lay down its tools on Friday if Government doesnot lift the ban on the operations of Gaagaa Bus Company.

Azuba while responding to MPS concern over Gaaga service suspensation  early this week said that  the Gaaga’s  license will remain suspended for a month until a number of issues have been rectified by the company.

The Member of Parliament for Ayivu county Bernard Atiku told parliament that the suspension has cripples the transport on westnile route since the transport fair has been hiked to Arua from 50000 to 70000 shillings.

Buses belonging to Gaagaa have in the past been involved in a number of fatal accidents, the latest being the one on May 25th at Coperlwor in Katulikire in Kiryandongo district in which over 20 people died.


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