Government registers reduced expectant mother death rate


Government boasts of a success in its pilot campaign to reduce and  avert deaths of expectant mothers in the country.

Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng notes that the save the mother, give life campaign proved successful 49 percent out of the 50 percent target set, in selected districts in western Uganda.

Jane Ruth Acheng the minister of Health notes that the was started in 2012 aimed at improving services thereby addressing the delays in maternity services that include decisions by  expectant mothers to approach health centers in time, delays in accessing health facilities and the quality of services at the health centers.

Minister Acheng says the program was conducted in five districts of western Uganda and the program was done through scaling up the number of interventions at all stages including increase of human resource like specialists, refurbishment of the infrastructure and neonatal resuscitation

She says that upon its success, government it to rollout the same in the other districts in the country in a bid to avert the vice

This while speaking journalists about the progress of saving mother Giving life project at Protea hotel in Kampala

The United States Ambassador Deborah Mallac has called on government to review its approach in addressing gaps in the health sector.


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