Prisons deny three Jamil Mukulu missing Co-suspects


The International Crimes Division Court has this morning learnt that 3 out of the 39 suspects listed for the Terrorism trial against Jailed ADF Leader Jamil Mukulu have never been in custody of the Uganda Prisons.

According to the Indictment suspects Kawule Muzafar, Shiekh Swaldin Baligeya and Austrailian Based Cardiologist were charged with Terrorism,murder, crimes against humanity, aiding and abetting terrorism , attempted murder and aggrevated robbery, and have always been roll called in court, but apart from their names appearing on the charge sheet, the suspects themselves have never been arrested.

The Defence Lawyers Led by Caleb Alaka then demanded for an explanation from the State led by Principal State Attorney Thomas Jatiko, as to why they are trying missing persons.  Alaka also asked the Court to discontinue proceedings against them or they are going to apply for the nullification of the entire proceedings even against those who are present.

This then compelled the presiding Judge Eve Luswata to direct both Prisons and Prosecution to explain.

The Assistant Supretendant of Prisons Ochero Albert Thomas informed court that the three missing suspects are neither in Upper Prison, Macksion Bay nor  at Kigo Government Prison.  While Prosecution’s Thomas Jatiko claimed that  arrest warrants for the said accused  persons were issued and passed on to both local and International Police to produce them, but upto date nothing has been done.

Jatiko also assured the defence and court that the charge sheet is going to be amended to strike off the missing suspects and remain with 36 suspects for this trial.

The accused persons are linked to the famous murder of college students at Kichwamba Techinical institute in 1998 , the spate of Muslim clerics’ murders that swept the country between 2015 -2016 and the murder of 2 police officers at Bugiri police station in Busoga.

Mukulu is further said  to have launched a rebellion against government in which he is alleged to have  terrorized people in the Rwenzori region in Western Uganda before he established a base in the forests of DR. Congo.

He was captured  from Tanzania and  extra-dicted to Uganda in April 2015 to face the law.


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