Government Urged to Streamline Refugee Settlement In the Country


Upper Madi county mp, Isaac Etuka is calling upon government to streamline the refugee settlement issue especially in west Nile region.

Etuka notes with concern that much as Uganda accepts refugees, there is need to put in place proper mechanisms of handling them other than living   the entire burden to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other donors to finance their settlement.

 Etuka says that there is no clear policy to guide the management of refugees which has resulted into abuse of finances  adding that lots of  money is coming to the country but it is not known  what exact figure it is and as to whether it is  reaching the right beneficiaries.

Etuka says that the funders are now giving money to refugees instead of providing food however this has caused food shortage in the area and as such some hosting communities have instead turned to be refugees in their own country as they compete for resources.


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