20 People dead As Kenya dam Bursts


20 People dead As Kenya dam Bursts

20 people have so far died in Kenya, following a dam burst in Solai, Nakuru County in Kenya, as heavy rains pounded the country on wednesday night. Witnesses say they had a loud bang before the water swung through 2km of private farmland, carrying away houses and property.

Patel dam according to Daily Nation Kenya is on of the largest water reservoirs there owned by an irrigation firm.The night torrentials are believed to have rendered more than 300 families homesless, while over 2,500 people have been affected.

The Kenya red cross society says that thousands of people are feared trapped in the mud, includin children.

So far, 40 people have been rescued and taken to the nearby health facvility, but rescue workers continue to search the black debris for more survivors of the burst.

There are fears that the death toll could rise as rescue teams continue the seac for survivors.


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