Legislators Demand Explanation on Unspent funds


Legislators Demand Explanation on Unspent funds

MPs on the finance committee of parliament have demanded for a comprehensive explanation on the fate of unspent balances that are returned to the consolidated fund.

In accordance with the Public finance management act 2015 all unspent balances as at 30th June are due to the consolidated fund.

The MPs quizzed the Accountant General on what happens to this money given the fact that it is never declared during the budgeting process for the next financial year.

The MPs led by the committee chairperson Henry Musasizi observed that since the monies do not form part of the resource envelope they cannot be spent because all appropriations are authorized by parliament.

Jennifer Muhuruzi Bigirwa who represented the Accountant General noted that the returned funds form part of the consolidated fund reserves.

However the deputy chairperson of the committee Joy Katali objected to her explanation noting that the ministry of finance has never declared these reserves to parliament.

The ministry has been directed to return on Monday afternoon with a written explanation.


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