Rubanda Authorities ‘Hoard Government Supplied Potato Veins’, Farmers Angry


Rubanda Authorities ‘Hoard Government Supplied Potato Veins’, Farmers Angry

Some locals in Ikamiro parish Muko sub county Rubanda district are accusing Muko sub county authorities, for declining to give them potato veins after registering them as beneficiaries.

On 13th April last week, government donated 2400 bags of potato seed to farmers in Rubanda district under operation wealth creation, whose gardens were destroyed by floods last year.

Ikamiro parish is made up of villages of Rwamahano, Rwaburindi, Kiruruma, Katembe, Bijeje, Habuhinga Nyarurambi, Kyakara and Nfasha. Late September, floods resulting from the heavy down pour hit Nfasha
and Ikamiro Trading centre in Rubanda west killing over 20 people and displacing several others. Muko Sub County was given 720 bags of potatoes to benefit the affected farmers.

The 142 locals led Gilbert Mugisha, Gilgori Owarwo, Annet Bagyezeho, Mary Owarwo say that they were invited to get their share from sub county head quarters on Monday but when they reached they were only told to registered on forms of beneficiaries and they would get the potato seed yesterday. When they reached at the sub county yesterday
morning they were told the potatoes were not available and the papers they have signed on had disappeared.

They claim that when they protested they were tear gassed by police. They accuse Muko sub county chief Jered Muhwezi and Muko district councilor Pastori Twinomuhangi for diverting their potato seeds to their villages.

The Muko sub county chief Jered Muhwezi admits that the complainants were registered and they did not benefit from the potatoes seed because they were not enough. He says that they were made to sign so that they don’t waste space on beneficiaries list.

The Rubanda district Chairman Jogo Kenneth Biryabarema says that he is to follow up the matter and if it is proved that the potato seed was diverted the culprits will be reprimanded.


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