UTL Earth Wire Vandaliser Arrested In Kabale


UTL Earth Wire Vandaliser Arrested In Kabale

Kabale police has in detention a 23 year old man in custody for alleged vandalism and theft of Uganda Telecom Limited(UTL)  property.

One Kitya Muwesi Ashraf of Masanafu village,  Rubaga division Kampala was arrested on Sunday the 08/04/18 when was found red handed together with four others dressed in UTL uniform, having opened the inspection cover and pulling the company wires from the ground.

This was at around Midday opposite Kabale bus terminal at main market street central ward/ division Kabale municipality.

They put on uniform to disguise as company staff so that they are not suspected of anything wrong.

According to Elly Maate, the Kigezi region police spokesperson, they  had a tip off from  intelligence and swung in action and arrested him while others took off.

Police at the UTL Inspection Cover opened by the suspects

Maate adds that they  are investigating to establish from where they got the uniform and to whether no insider UTL staff was  involved.

The case has been registered  at Kabale police with reference number  SD 03/08/04/2018.


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