Mosquito Net Distribution Campaign Ends, Some Miss Out


Mosquito Net Distribution Campaign Ends, Some Miss Out

Residents of Mbarara ,Sheema, Kasese ,Kagadi and Bundibujjo districts have applauded the government of Uganda for the mosquito distribution campaign, aimed at chasing away malaria.

Earlier last year, the ministry of health launched the Long-lasting Insecticide treated mosquito Nets (LLIN), in which all districts across the country have received mosquito nets.

The campaign climaxed yesterday in the western region areas, with the main function at Kabwohe Stadium, Sheema District, where the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was the Guest of Honour.

Speaking during the function, the president said: “Malaria is a disease of poverty and cause of poverty. It has significant constraints on economic development. Action must be taken by all stakeholders at all levels and households should take lead in the fight against Malaria”

However, there were complaints from some locals, citing that some did not receive the nets from where they registered from.

Speaking to Mbarara Sun News, the LCI Chairman Rwebikoona cell, Kamukuzi division, Mbarara  Municipality, Asuman Kihogo, some residents did not benefit from this campaign, because they had not registered themselves, while others did not receive because their names appeared at a different place from where they registered and were reluctant to go there.



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