USAID Advisor In Kasese As the Disease takes Toll


USAID Advisor In Kasese As the Disease takes Toll

The senior public Health Advisor for USAID sitting in Washington,   Mr Rob Henry is in Kasese  to garner efforts in the fight against Birrhazea disease in the district.

The disease is transmitted through the tinny germs to penetrate the skin and find their way in the liver, resulting into fever,  cough and abdominal pains .

Henry told people that the district  health officer,  Dr Masereka  winded the district vector control yesterday at Kayanja Learning Centre site, adding  that USAID is concerned With the cases of birrhazea disease at some rates in the country.

Henry’s  comments were supported by Dr Edward Muheki Tukahirwa,  the assistant Health services who said that Kayanja Learning site has the highest level of birrhazea and on some areas of lake Albert where some victims have been allegedly vomiting blood and other developing berries.

KASESE district has spent five years sensitising the general public about birrhazea disease as a neglected tropical disease .

The supervisor for birrhazea disease  in KASESE district,  Mr. Nasuru Banganarya told the victims that some people have been dying of the disease due to ignorance while others don’t follow drug prescription.

Mr Nasuru also said that some people after swallowing the drug,  experience abdominal pain, skin itching scaring those who would take it to carefully enroll it.

MUhindo Seller,  a primary teacher in charge of health at kayanja primary school described that the moment he started giving the medicine , the leaders ran away from school, so he complained of the same effects.

MUhindo added that the parents are complaining that the drugs are going to affect the health of their children.

A district health officer Dr. Baseke advised that although the medicine may have reactions, may prevent some side effects..

Benjamine Binagwa, the  health inspector KASESE district also advised people to stop urinating, deficating, swimming near water sources including wells, lakes, rivers lakes among others to avoid the spread of the disease.


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