Treason trial Against 19 Muslim Suspects kicks off at Kampala High Court


Treason trial Against 19 Muslim Suspects kicks off at Kampala High Court

The treason trial of 19 Muslim suspects has kicked –off  this morning before the High court  in Kampala.Justice Wilson Masalu Musene is presiding over the case

The suspects include a woman; Aisha Nakasibante  an in-law to Austrian based cardiologist Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi, and are facing two counts of treason and concealment of treason .These are said to have plotted to over throw the government of Uganda by use of firearms  between 2013 and  2015 at various places in Uganda , Dubai , Kenya and Tanzania .

Prosecution alleges that the accused persons expressed this plot through  utterances , recruitment and training of rebels,  acquiring  satellite mobile phones for communication, motorcycles  and vehicles for transport, and  rented houses to act as safe houses to accomplish their mission.

The first prosecution witness Dr. Emmanuel Nuwamanya,  is a police surgeon from Nsambya health police Hqs who has testified that in March 2016 ,  he examined 3  out of the 19 suspects and found them to be in a sound mental status with no physical injuries .

Court has so now accepted Dr. Nuwamanya’s medical reports in respect of the 3 suspects ;  Yusuf Sentamu , Muhammad Kalodo and Ismeal Ssentongo  as prosecution exbhits in this case.However  Prosecution team led by Lino Anguzu has also presented to court a withdrawal letter signed by the DPP Mike Chibita, discontinuing charges against one of the suspects ;  Badru Bukenya.

Three out  of the  19 accused were among the people charged , convicted and sentenced over terrorism with Sheikh Yunus  Kamoga.

 These are ;  Amir Kinene, Akim Kinene Muswasa and Shiekh Multa Mudde Bukenya.


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