Power Couple Zari and Diamond Split


Zari And Diamond Call It Quits To Their Relationship.

By Derrick Ashimwe

 Ugandan socialite,Zari  Hassan also known  as The Boss Lady, has split from  Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platinumz.


 Ugandan Socialite,Zari,The Boss Lady.

Zari and the father of her two children are no more.Their relationship has been on the rocks and finally came to an end on the most unexpected day,Valentine’s Day!

Diamond And Zari With Their Two Kids.

The mother of five has finally decided to end things with Diamond.He’s been caught in so much controversies and drama,leaving Zari with no option but to walk away.


Diamond And Zari Are No More After A Rocky Relationship.

In her Instagram statement, Zari expressed her agony with the way Diamond has treated her.

”I understand this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in all sorts of media in regard to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly i have decided to end my relationship with Diamond ,as my respect ,integrity ,dignity and well being cannot be compromised .We are separating as partners but not as parents .This doesnt reduce me as a self made individual ,and as a caring mother ,and thr boss lady you have come to know .I will continue to build as a mogul .I will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too .I  will  teach my four sons to alaways respect women  ,and teach my daughter what self respect means .Unlike many ,i have been in the enterrtainment industry for 12 years ,and through all my challenges,i have come out a victor beacsuse i am a winner ”  read Zari’s statement on Instagram

 Diamond Platinumz may now settle with long time lover Wema Sepetu. who was always been a villain in the love story of Zari and Diamond.

Diamond And Long Time Lover Wema Sepetu.

As  The Boss Lady still seeks for a stable relationship,this comes nine months after the death of socialite Ivan Ssemwanga who was the father of Zari’s other three kids.

Zari With The Father Of Her Other Three Kids,The Late Ivan Ssemwanga.


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