Ibanda: Residents urged to effectively use Given Mosquito Nets


Residents in Kicuzi Sub- County Ibanda South have been called upon to effectively use the mosquito nets that were distributed to them in order to curb down the increasing rate of Malaria in the Sub –County.

The call has been made by Yoweri Turyatunga the In Charge for Kanywambogo Health Centre III, following the easy stock out of Coartem drug in the Health Centre that is brought about by the increasing cases of Malaria patients day by day.

 Turyatunga further said that the stock out of Coartem has brought misunderstandings between Patients and the Health workers with a false thinking that they might be denied access to drugs yet they are the root causes of drug stock out.

He therefore asked them to follow precautions from Health Workers so Malaria can be prevented which he says will help to Maintain drugs in the Health Centre.

Kicuzi Sub –County is commonly known as a bushy area dominated by forests and water reservoirs which tame mosquitoes a reason that some analysts say could be the greatest factor contributing to the increased cases of Malaria.


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