Ibanda Municipality Mayor Urges On Investment


Ibanda Municipality Mayor Urges On Investment

The Ibanda Municipal Mayor who is seeking for Parliamentary seat Deus Murinde yesterday urged all Sacco Managements across the country especially in Ibanda district to attract more business people to save
in Sacco’s in order to develop the financial institution.

Murinde said this while addressing Kagongo Rural Development Sacco clients during 7th annual general meeting held at Sacco grounds in Kagongo division Ibanda Municipality.

According to Murinde, there is nothing paying like business thus calling upon Sacco managements to attract business people towards Sacco development.

Murinde Deus also appealed Sacco managements always to identify projects which can bring development to the Sacco before they start them.

However, Mayor Murinde also used the chance to advise people always to vote for contestants who don’t have greed for money, saying that some individuals rush for politics due to personal interests and greed for money.


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