Ibanda: Man kills his three children to get financial condolence from Village Union


Residents of Ngango II village, Ngango parish,Igorora town council in Ibanda district, have today held a meeting, in which a man identified as Kaguhangire Eliverito is accused of killing his three children, with the intention of getting money from Ngango development group, locally known as ‘Mwezikye’

    The residents allege that Kaguhanggire allegedly his two children, and the group gave him condolences in form of money. The allegation comes from the revelation of the accused’s wife, identified as Fragensia Arinaitwe, who they say informed them the husband was killing the children to get financial condolences, with an intend to clear debts.

They further say that Karuhangire recently allegedly killed his 21-year old son, identified as AmbroseArindwamuka . However, this time around the group members did not give him financial condolences, forcing hjim to take the matter to the local authorities for redress.

 In a meeting chaired by the area chairman,Ndyamugira Mathias, the residents concluded thatKaguhangire should not be given money.

Some of the residents who spoke to Mbarara Sun news, expressed disappointment at the action of Kaguhangire


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